Boarding Suite Web Cam Log-in / Mobile use

Here are screen shots of the information filled in; yours should look like these.

iPhone or Android phone below:

LTS Connect

Camera viewing from a phone (iPhone or Android systems):

Search for and download the app fro Apple store or Google Play: LTS Connect
- Open the app

- Screen will say "login" and "visitor mode"

- Click on the  + symbol in the upper right corner

- Choose "Manual adding"

- Change adding type from "LTS Connect Domain" to "IP/Domain"

- Fill out the fields as shown in picture above. (You will be issued a username & password)

- Once all fields are entered, click the disk icon in the upper right corner to save the profile

- Once set up is complete, click on the "Start live view" to view cameras

- Slide back and forth until the camera you requested is visible

**If you need assistance, please call us, we're happy to help you view your pets!

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